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SMC Filipina – Webinar Solusi Robotik

Shoketsu SMC Corporation kembali mengadakan pelatihan virtual untuk pelanggan regional pada 3 Maret 2021. Sebanyak 127 pelanggan berpartisipasi dalam pelatihan ini. Pelatihan ini terutama difokuskan pada pengenalan Solusi Robotik SMC. Solusi utama dan aplikasi umum, solusi gripping, vakum dan Cobot. Sesi tanya jawab diadakan setelah pelatihan. SMC Filipina terus mengalami peningkatan dengan menerapkan umpan balik dan saran pelanggan setelah menghadiri webinar.



About SMC Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

SMC Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd is the Singapore subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience. The Singapore subsidiary itself was established in 1974 and since then has grown over 45 years, gaining more than 65% of the market share in Singapore and established a far-reaching dealer network spanning countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Cambodia and Qatar.

While the subsidiary mainly assembles knockdown cylinders, SMC Singapore also offers a wide range of high quality advanced industrial pneumatic products to meet applications in a myriad of sectors and fields of the market such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered here range from actuators like electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and linear actuator, to valves like solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and flow control valve; from thermo equipment like thermo chiller and heat exchanger, to a variety of electrostatic discharge removal equipment.

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, SMC Singapore is equipped with a well-stocked warehouse ensures quick delivery, as well as maintaining high levels of technical services and solid communication network to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.