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Compressed Air System Audit and Analysis

Over the years, SMC has taken on its social responsibility to promote and support sustainability to reduce negative environmental impacts. SMC is always looking to develop newer and greener solutions for CO2 reduction. One of the key components of our comprehensive approach is the design of compact and lightweight products. SMC’s CO2 emission-reducing initiatives include the promotion of eco-friendly factories and products and the reduction of CO2 emissions in our operations.

SMC is a leading industry player in pneumatic systems and components. Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) was looking for industry partners to jointly deliver courses targeted at energy professionals to enable them to upgrade to a higher level of certification or accreditation. They were pleased with our facilities and products, thereby inviting us to deliver the course together.

SIT organised a new 5-days course on Compressed Air System Audit and Analysis from November 21–25. On November 22, SMC held a half-day session on energy savings, complete with product demonstrations. The response was positive, and both parties look forward to working again for subsequent runs and new courses.




P&G Asia Symposium 2022

SMC was invited to participate as an exhibiting vendor at the 2022 PC&IS Symposium on October 26–27, 2022, in the P&G Singapore Innovation Centre. It was P&G’s first Asia Symposium outside of Europe. The goal is to be transformational and disruptive to become game changers and give P&G a competitive advantage.

The SMC theme is sustainability, condition-based maintenance, and digitalization with Air Management System (AMS) as the icon. Wireless and IO-Link technology are among the display products, with a presentation on “SMC Smart Management System for Sustainable Manufacturing Plant.”

Through this, P&G is realising the need for upstream engineering and global technology owners to consider air savings in the design of new machines and processes.

We received good feedback and responses from P&G customers across SG, VN, IN, PH, TH, PK, IN, and JP. There were strong indications and interest in SMC sustainability and digitalization with AMS.





SMC Phillipines


Shoketsu SMC Corporation conducted a face-to-face distributor’s training on December 5~7, 2022.

During the three days of training, topics such as Pneumatic Components Sizing Software, Temperature Control Equipment Training, SMC Technology Update, Vacuum Technology and Applications, Electrostatic Elimination Technology, Instrumentation and Control Technology, and Maintenance on Pneumatic Systems were covered.





On December 14, 2022, Shoketsu SMC Corporation conducted a hands-on, in-person training session for OEMs on Maintenance of Pneumatic Systems. During the product updates and discussions, Innovation Product 2022 was also launched.




SMC Vietnam

Maintenance of Pneumatic Equipment Webinar

SMC Corporation Vietnam greatly appreciates customers, for taking the time to attend the December 15, 2022, webinar on “Maintenance of Pneumatic Equipment.”

SMC is overjoyed at the interest shown by the customers. Numerous participant questions provided to SMC are used as an incentive to gradually raise the level of material for forthcoming webinars.

For those who want to view it again, the recorded video will be updated on SMC’s Facebook and YouTube feeds.

If you still have questions related to equipment maintenance, you can send them via email at or via the SMC fan page.

Once again, SMC would like to thank you for taking your precious time to attend the webinar.


About SMC Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

SMC Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd is the Singapore subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience. The Singapore subsidiary itself was established in 1974 and since then has grown over 45 years, gaining more than 65% of the market share in Singapore and established a far-reaching dealer network spanning countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Cambodia and Qatar.

While the subsidiary mainly assembles knockdown cylinders, SMC Singapore also offers a wide range of high quality advanced industrial pneumatic products to meet applications in a myriad of sectors and fields of the market such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered here range from actuators like electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and linear actuator, to valves like solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and flow control valve; from thermo equipment like thermo chiller and heat exchanger, to a variety of electrostatic discharge removal equipment.

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, SMC Singapore is equipped with a well-stocked warehouse ensures quick delivery, as well as maintaining high levels of technical services and solid communication network to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.