Refrigerated Thermo-chiller HRSH


  • Outstanding energy saving effect with triple inverter !
  • Cooling capacity 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25 kW
  • Maximum ambient temperature 45℃
  • Temperature stability ±0.1℃ (with stabilized load)
  • Compact and space-saving
Series Set temperature
Cooling method Circulating liquid
HRSH 5 to 35℃ 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25kW ±0.1℃ Air-cooled refrigeration
Water-cooled refrigeration
Clear water,
Deionized water,
Ethylene glycol aqueous solution
FeaturesApplications & BenefitsVariations

Outstanding energy saving effect with the triple inverter!

The inverter respectively controls the number of motor rotations of the compressor, fan and pump according to the load of the user’s application.

  • Power consumption reduced by 34% compared with a thermo-chiller without the inverter.
    With the inverter, it is possible to operate with the same performance even with the power supply of 50 Hz.

Built-in triple inverter

Without inverter

Flow diagram

  • Cooling capacity 25 kW
  • Max. ambient temperature 45°C
  • Low-noise design Operating noise Max. 66 dB

Circulating fluid can be heated without a heater.

Heating method using discharged heat makes a heater unnecessary.

Reduces the maintenance hours for the pump

Mechanical seal-less immersion pump is used.
As the pump has no external leakage of the circulating fluid, a periodic check of the pump leakage and replacement of the mechanical seal are not necessary. There is no need to exhaust the circulating fluid when removing the pump.

Compact and lightweight 280 kg (HRSH250-A-20)

Outdoor installation, Spashproof type (IPX4)

IP (International Protection) is the industrial standard for “Degrees of protection provided by outer defensive enclosures of electric equipment (IP Code)” according to IEC 60529 and JIS C 0920.

IPX4: No harmful influence by water splash is acceptable from every direction.

Globally compatible power supplies

(Europe, Asia, Oceania, Central and South America)

Power supply: Applicable to 200 to 230 VAC, or 380 to 415 VAC

Transformers are unnecessary even when used overseas.

IPX4: No harmful influence by water splash is acceptable from every direction.

Improved maintenance performance

Communication function

The serial communication (RS232C/RS485) and contact I/Os (2 inputs and 3 outputs) are equipped as standard.
Communication with the user’s application and system construction are possible, depending on the application. A 24 VDC output can be also provided, and is available for a flow switch (SMC’s PF3W, etc.).

Laser beam machine
Cooling down of the laser oscillation part

Printing machine
Temperature control of the ink roller

Cleaning machine
Temperature control of cleaning solution

Arc welding machine
Cooling of the power source

Resistance welding machine(Spot welding)
Cooling of the welding head electrodes, transformers and transistors (thyristors)

High frequency induction heating equipment
Cooling of the heating coils, high frequency power source and around inverters

Makes cooling water easily available, anytime, anywhere

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