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  • Product

    January 11, 2017

    A rare find in the food industry – dedicated manifold with an IP69K rating

    The stringent hygiene regulations that need to be met in the production process, the demand for high-speed manufacturing and the necessity of addressing energy costs are the key aspects of hygienic and efficient automation in food and beverage production.

    Hence, the correct selection of suitable components for the respective hygiene area is decisive, particularly where machine parts can come into contact with food during production.

    The new IP69K manifold, available as part of the SY 5000 range, was specially designed to satisfy the hygienic requirements of the food and beverage industry. The unit is now suitable for wet areas and can withstand wash down and cleaning. It is particularly suitable for the food and beverage industry and is also applicable to other industrial areas where harsh environments prevail or the use of water is present.

    Clean Type Valve Manifold

    • IP69K rated to withstand high pressure cleaning loads.
    • Easy handling during maintenance and installation.
    • Easy to clean, easy to maintain & corrosion resistant.
    • Ability to install valves outside of protective panel and close to actuators for better control.
    • Small and light weight, ideal for use on robots and in tight machine rooms.

  • Technical Tips

    January 11, 2017

    Optimized your bottling and cleaning processes

    Bottle cleaning plays a critical role in the bottling process. Depending on the type of product to be bottled (beer, fruit juices or beer-based mixed drinks), cleaning agents have to be used, to clean the ambient bottling and moving devices and to keep them free from microbial infestation.

    Therefore, as a usual practice in food processing applications, Clean in Place (CIP) liquids are used in the bottling plant.

    However, this process is considerably demanding on the materials used in the production line. To avoid contamination in food processing such as bacteria, chemical influences or corrosion particles to take place, it is of utmost importance to ensure that cleaning is safe. The materials used must not react with the cleaning agents or the disinfectants. Hence, machine parts must be resistant to heat and corrosion.

    SMC’s CG5-S series is a stainless steel cylinder, perfect for use in food processing applications requiring intense cleaning. The use of non-toxic additives allows confident use in equipment for foods, beverages and medical products, etc. The CG5-S can be disassembled, allowing replacement of seals, which promotes an extended service life. The use of stainless steel (SUS304) on external metal parts provides improved corrosion resistance in environments with exposure to water.

    Product Ideal for Heat Resistance, Corrosion Resistance & Food Product Grease

  • News

    January 11, 2017

    SMC Vietnam Head Office is moving to a new office location!

    We’re proud to announce SMC Vietnam Head Office (Ho Chi Minh) will be relocating to a new office premises on Monday, 9 Jan 2017.

    As SMC continues to grow, more space are needed to add more functions in order to provide value added services to all our customers. The new office, which is significantly larger now, has been custom designed and built to meet our customers increased demand and future needs. It incorporates a 900m2 warehouse which helps to reduce response time and provide more efficient delivery to our customers.

    We would like to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to all of our customers in providing SMC the opportunity to expand and continue to serve you better.
    SMC is always focused on providing the best products and services to our customers. With the relocating of Head Office, we look forward in forging even deeper ties with our business partners and customers.

    SMC Vietnam (Head Office – Ho Chi Minh) office numbers and email remain unchanged.

    Locate us:
    No. 63, Lo Lu Street, Truong Thanh Ward, District 9,
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Automation Training at SMC Pneumatics (SEA) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

    SMC Pneumatics (SEA) Sdn Bhd (M) offers a series of Automation Training Courses conducted at our HQ Subang Jaya and SMC Branches in Johor and Penang respectively.

    Courses Available (Claimable Under HRDF Scheme)
    •   Practical Pneumatics
    •   Practical Electro Pneumatics
    •   Programmable Logic Controllers
    •   Practical Mechatronic
    •   Workshop in Vacuum Technology
    •   Maintenance of Pneumatics System & Circuit Design

    Please click here for details.

    Free of Charge Seminars (FOC)
    •   Basic Pneumatics
    •   Electro-Pneumatics
    •   Basic PLC

    Register now

  • Interesting Facts

    January 11, 2017

      New Year’s Fast Facts

    Here’s a look at New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, which marks the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year.

    The earliest known New Year celebrations were in Mesopotamia and date back to 2000 B.C.
    The early Romans used March 1 as New Year’s Day. Other cultures used the autumn equinox or the winter solstice to mark the new year.
    1582 – The Gregorian calendar, which marks January 1 as the new year, is adopted by the Roman Catholic Church.
    January is named after Janus, the god with two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward.

    New Year’s is the time when many people traditionally make resolutions to break bad habits or start good ones.
    Ancient Persians gave New Year’s gifts of eggs, which symbolized productiveness.
    Most New Year’s traditions are believed to ensure good luck for the coming year. Many parts of the United States observe the tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck.

    Auld Lang Syne:
    “Auld Lang Syne” is traditionally sung at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
    The words auld lang syne mean “times gone by”.

    Times Square:
    The first rooftop celebration atop One Times Square, a fireworks display, took place in 1904 and was produced by The New York Times to inaugurate their new headquarters in Times Square and celebrate the renaming of Longacre Square to Times Square.
    The first ball dropping celebration atop One Times Square was held on December 31, 1907.
    The original New Year’s Eve Ball weighed 700 pounds and was five feet in diameter. It was made of iron and wood and was decorated with 100 25-watt light bulbs.

    November 11, 2008 – A “new” New Years Eve ball is introduced. The ball is a geodesic sphere, 12 feet in diameter and weighing 11,875 pounds. It is built to withstand high winds and fluctuating temperatures. Waterford Crystal introduces a different pattern for each New Year’s celebration.

  • 製品

    January 11, 2017




    新しいIP69K対応のマニフォールドバルブはSY5000シリーズをベースに食品および飲料業界の衛生要件を満たすように特別に設計されています。 本製品は濡れたでも使用でき、洗い流しや洗浄にも耐えることができます。 これは、食品および飲料産業のような水が多く使用する環境にてきしているといえます。

    クリーンタイプ マニフォールドバルブ

    特徴 :

    • 高圧洗浄に耐えられるIP69K.
    • メンテナンス、取り付けが容易.
    • 洗浄が容易.
    • よりよい制御のためにアクチュエータ、制御盤の近くに取り付け可能.
    • 小型で軽量のため取り付け場所を選ばない.

  • テクニカルアドバイス

    January 11, 2017



    したがって、食品加工工場では通常、CIP(Clean in Place)液というものが使われます。

    細菌などの食品加工における汚染、化学的影響または腐食粒子の発生を避けるために、洗浄が安全であることを保証することが最も重要です。 用される材料は、洗浄剤または消毒剤と反応してはならない。 したがって、機械部品は熱および腐食に対して耐性がなければいけません。



  • ニュース

    January 11, 2017






    尚、電話番号、E-Mail アドレスに変更はございません。

    No. 63, Lo Lu Street, Truong Thanh Ward, District 9,
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


    SMCマレーシアでオートメーショントレーニングを開催いたします。場所は本社のある Subang JayaとJohorとPenangの各営業所の3箇所で行われます。

    •   空圧基礎
    •   エレクトロニューマティックス基礎
    •   PLC 基礎
    •   メカトロニクス
    •   真空機器選定
    •   空圧機器の保全と回路


    •   基本的な空気圧
    •   電気 – 空気圧
    •   基本PLC


  • 興味深い事実

    January 11, 2017



    歴史 :
    新年のお祝いの歴史は2000 B.C.までさかのぼります。

    伝統 :
    多くの新年の伝統は来年の幸運を確実にすると信じられています。 米国の多くの地域では、元旦に黒い豆を食べるという伝統を守り、幸運を祈っています。

    Auld Lang Syne :
    “Auld Lang Syne” は伝統的に大晦日に真夜中に歌われます。
    単語auld lang syneは” 時が過ぎた “という意味です。

    タイムズスクエア :
    オリジナルのボールは25 Wの電球100個で照明され、材料は鉄と木、重さ700 lb(320 kg)、直径が5 ft(1.5 m)になります。

    November 11, 2008 – 2009年のニューイヤーズイブには、新しいボールがつくられた。新しいボールは、2008年のボールの設計を活かしながら、その2倍もの大きさを持っていた。最新のボールは、重さ11,875 lb(5,386 kg)、直径12 ft(3.7 m)で、正二十面体のジオデシック・ドーム型のボールである。

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